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About Aroma Bling

Aroma BLING is actually our second Essential Oil Jewelry Company and was developed for the same reason as our first company Essential Bracelet was, a need for unique, stylish and functional essential oil jewelry in the market.

If you know us, you know that we have came into this industry over the last few years and really shaken it up. Our new jewelry line is intended to pick up where our easy going style of Essential Bracelet leaves off. Aroma BLING is designed for the fashion conscious looking to add that touch of elegance to their aromatherapy jewelry line.

Over the last 3 years, our team has attended 100s and 100s of essential oil conventions and events. We’ve driven all across North America to be part of any event we can find. We have met 100’s of thousands of essential oil enthusiasts and have listened all along the way to create the best essential oil jewelry on the market. Our jewelry is designed with your needs and sophistication in mind. We have made our jewelry lighter by making it smaller and adding a glass backing to the pendants. Also by doing this, our customers that have more sensitive skin, will find our jewellery nicer to wear against their skin. Our diffusing pads are extremely durable and hold the scent for up to a week. We have designed our chain lengths to sit perfectly on your chest and finally, we have carefully designed our jewelry to be unique yet sophisticated. Our style collections have been designed by our team and are exclusive to Aroma BLING.

All of our products are backed up by our Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason you’re not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund or exchange.

Amazing products, offered at fair prices, backed by the best customer service you’ve ever had.

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Our Story

Essential oil diffusing braceletChristmas of 2013, sitting around a table with my Mom, Sister and Girlfriend, I was listening to a problem that they had. All being distributors and avid essential oil users, they were talking about how none of the essential oil jewelry on the market really spoke to them. Even though two are with Doterra and one was with Young Living, the need for better jewelry was something they all agreed on.

Immediately a light bulb turned went off for my first product, the Essential Bracelet. Essential Bracelet is a lightweight silicone bracelet that carries a diffusing stone to hold the oils. I sketched out the design, found a manufacturer to help me with prototypes and failed about 1000 times. Design, packaging, diffusing tablets, websites and logistics was all done by myself. The same guy who three months earlier knew nothing about essential oils. With an obsession and a dream, Essential Bracelet was born.

Soon we were ready to go to market and we started touring around with people doing small home parties, we used to set up and sell anywhere and everywhere. In November 2014, I quit my secure marketing job and began full time at Essential Bracelet.

At the time, there was only a few orders here and there, I used to sit down and write each one by hand. One year later, on the Christmas holidays again, we had an amazing review from Elizabeth Modero from Modero Green Moments https://www.facebook.com/Medero-Green-Moments-545847092098001/?fref=ts. I was sitting in Texas when orders began pouring in and I was 30 hours away!

All of us sat down on the couch and emailed every single person over some eggnog and explained that their orders would be 2 weeks late. I quickly starting outgrowing the small, scary basement I started in and began looking for staff and a much bigger location. Essential Bracelet essential oil accessory store in SaskatoonI moved my entire operation back home to Saskatoon where my good friend Kevin helped me keep up with demand from his much larger, less scary basement.

Within five months of the move, we had outgrown the basement and needed more space, we found a 2500 sqft space with a retail section, two treatment rooms, a presentation room and offices for all the new staff to bring on. Essential Bracelet +, became Saskatoon’s first store dedicated specifically to essential oils and the distributors that sell them. Our headquarters is an Essential Oilers dream and where we draw all of our inspiration from.

We are so excited for all our new expansions and lines designed for essential oil users. You can be certain that this just the beginning of our story and we promise that we will continue to bring you the best essential oil accessories on the planet.

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